What is Stonedage Cartel?

 Stonedage Cartel is an Independently Owned & Operated Artist Brand!


Stonedage Cartel Creator Max Tomie O


Stonedage Cartel was born from the need to communicate my world views on a plethora of subjects like extremism, far right movements, fake news and propaganda, racism, human destructive and violent nature throughout the history, social issues from today world, inclusion and diversity, weed decriminalization, and much more, through intricate edgy designs, dark humor, satire and mockery.

 Isn't history fascinating? A continuous GOT saga, without a rushed season 8 and in many cases, without a happy ending. You can learn so much about human nature and our appetite for violence and destruction, that you wonder, how the F' we came thus far without destroying ourselves and the planet already?

 We where pretty damn close last century! 

 We were not satisfied with just one bloody war, the greatest and the most destructive in human history, but we did another one even more destructive to make sure that we have unlocked al the achievements left on the human terror scale.

 You need to know the past, to understand the present and to predict the future. That's what they say... And here we are today, after all this time, we are still dealing with autocrat leaders, fake news and manipulation, extremist groups and hate speech, violent mobs who threaten democracy and freedom. And any unconscious person could have an audience in the age of internet.

 We need more people to preach love and kindness, inclusion and diversity, tolerance and compassion, in any way possible more and more, to make sure we are not doomed to repeat history.

 This is my little contribution to the world, to rise awareness and put a smile on the people faces through my dark humor and ironic designs.

 If your vision aligns with the ideas stated here, you can become a proud member of the Cartel now, get 10% off on your first order, stay in touch with the latest news and get updates when new products or sales are on!

Let's make our voices heard!

With Love,

Stonedage Cartel Creator


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